Anifex 3d Animations

We create stunning 3d visualizations for our clients. Motivate buyers and investors with compelling imagery that increases web traffic, enhances marketing and attracts trade show attendees. Our talented team of 3d artists is ready to push animation technology to the limits to accurately reflect your vision.

Animated Commercials

Create the WOW factor that demands attention. Animations for: TV | Web | Tradeshows.

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3d Product Animations

Illustrate complex designs, assemble, explode, move around, through or into the design. Virtually no limits.

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Renderings & animations show off your interiors, exteriors and site plans with photo-real materials.

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Our Animation Experience

We work with large fortune 500 companies all the way down to single person studios.

Why Anifex?

We step outside the traditional boundaries transforming your black & white ideas into a cinema of color. Our goal is to create 3d animations that look real but defy what is possible in reality. Disassemble a car and then have it rebuild itself while someone sits behind the wheel. Travel underground as a high powered water jet penetrates the earth. Box, pack and move an entire room in under 30 seconds. Let Anifex bend the line between reality and your imagination.

  • Stunning animations in full 1080p HD

    Anifex is equipped with a dedicated, multi-computer render farm that produces full 1080p HD footage, on time and within budget. We can then re-format and change to any size for the web, mobile, etc.

  • Experienced production team

    The founders of Anifex have a combined 30+ years of 3d rendering and animation experience and have been working together for the past 10 years producing 3d animations.

  • Maximum compatibility

    Your products will be developed to high-quality standards with maximum compatibility. We can convert almost any CAD format to a usable 3d model saving you time and money.

  • Save time and money

    We provide 3d solutions that require little up front information. We work with Engineers, Architects, and Marketing experts, we use our experience to fill in the missing pieces.

  • Your vision realized

    You can see exactly what your vision will look like prior to construction or manufacturing. We can provide 3d solutions that are very accurate and detailed to exact specifications.

  • Communicate your ideas

    Your vision can be easily shared and understood by everyone. We provide 3d services that communicate ideas visually either as 3d renderings or 3d animations.

Take our visuals for a spin

See the Anifex difference

We offer a superior animation style over our competitors by using the latest technology to produce modern visualizations that accurately reflect your vision.

Advanced Simulations

Does your project have complex details such as liquid, gas or particles? Anifex has extensive experience creating these multidimensional effects.

Complex Models and Systems

Anifex knows how to work with and create very complex models with thousands of parts and millions of polygonal faces.

Photo-real Textures and Lighting

Our Anifex realistic style is carried through all of our animations and renderings. You can expect this level of quality in all of our work.

Are you ready to get started? We provide fast, free, custom quotes.

We are here to help!

We will listen to your objectives and ideas, then present a personalized solution to help you realize your project goals.

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