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Please provide us with the details of your project/product. Questions to consider that will help us in creating an accurate quote. What are the key selling features/most import things to communicate in the animation? Will you be able to provide 3d CAD files? Or do you have sketches/reference materials for us to model from? Do you have a set number of seconds you would like to create? Would you like to include a voice-over? Is there a hard deadline date? Any other details to help us understand the project.

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Will we work on “Spec”?

No. We are an established business that does not feel the risk involved in creating work on “spec” is worth the potential reward.

How much time is needed for a 3d animation?

In general for a small animation you can expect a 2-4 week time line. For larger animations 4 weeks+. The more time you plan for the better.

Who are our typical clients?

Marketing Professionals, Ad Agencies, Engineers, Architects, Developers and Investors. We work with small companies all the way up to fortune 500 companies.

What software do we use?

Main 3D programs: AutoDesk Maya and 3dsMax. Main compositing: Nuke. Main video editing and graphic design: Adobe Creative Suite – Production Premium.

What hardware do we use?

We custom build all of our hardware per our needs. We are equipped with a dedicated, multi-computer render farm that quickly produces full 1080p HD animated footage.

What is the end deliverable?

We provide the master 1080p HD digital file, web-formatted videos and high-res images of the project for print- ie: Marketing Materials, Brochures, Billboards, Magazines, etc.

What type of animations can we create?

Anifex specializes in creating photo-realistic animations. As professional 3d artists we are up to most any ideas you may have. Whether it is 3d product, Game Trailers, TV Commercials, Special Effects for TV or Film, etc. we are ready for the challenge.

what our

clients are saying

Many of our products feature innovative technical features that set our products apart and working with Anifex has been crucial to highlighting these technologies. The visuals they provide not only offer great insight, but they also help break the language barrier while explaining the performance behind new products.

Mark Jordan
Global Marketing Communications Manager - Bicycle | FOX Factory

Anifex has taken our concepts and turned them into "real" life... Steve Rescorl has an intuitive and innate sense for developing a 3d image from simple concept sketches to final product. We've always enjoyed working with Anifex - as we know the end product will be so much more than we had hoped for. Thank you, Steve for your dedication to your craft...it shows through in each and every project you are involved with!

April Hensley
President | Leech-Hensley Architects

We had Anifex create some 3d animations for a client's TV commercial. They did a great job and we will be working with them in the future.

Jerry Suhrstedt
CEO | Heavy Guerrilla

Anifex has done an excellent job of converting our organizational vision into a tangible product. They also helped us vet details that we had not considered during our initial project conception. The value of our project has increased dramatically due to our work with Anifex.

Jon Bond
President | SCEDC

I found working with Anifex to be both pleasurable and professional. Their work is outstanding.

Lewis Levin
Owner | L&L Production Group

We’re using Anifex more & more… for everything from complex planning initiatives to helping our clients envision the products we’re designing for them. In particular, we admire the creativity of the Anifex team and we’re very satisfied with the caliber of their work. I highly recommend adding Anifex to your project team, we are and it is enhancing our completeness in the marketplace.

Greg Smallwood
Owner | Red Dot Man