About Anifex

We are a 3d animation services company with a revolutionary mindset, approaching each undertaking with determination, infusing passion, originality and expertise into every story we set in motion. We provide creative ways to tell a story, that promotes, sells or educates an audience through 3d animation. We offer superior service, exceptional quality and competitive pricing.

Let’s Work Together

Our 3d Animation Process

You provide us with the details of your project/product. Send in your 3d CAD models or sketches of your designs. We evaluate this information, ask questions we may have, create a rough animation outline, then provide a timeline and quote.


Our first step is converting your 3d models or creating them if possible. Then we texture, light and rig the models. We send review renders and work with you to finalize the look.


Next is the 3d animation process. You can sit back and relax as we put our animation experience to work for you. We send progress reviews as needed to keep you up to date.


The animation is now nearly complete and is sent to you for a final review. We make any necessary tweaks and the final animation is sent for use, on time and within budget.

We are expert communicators

Anifex will work with you directly or any firm you already use. We can speak directly to the engineers, marketing or sales personnel to pull the information needed to create a successful animation. Many of our clients work with Advertising/Marketing Agencies, Graphic Design companies, Web Development firms, or have these services in house, but need additional high-quality 3d services. We make sure our animations are consistent with your branding and welcome the exchange of ideas with other artists.


Anifex | 3d Animation Studios

We step outside the traditional boundaries, transforming your black & white ideas into a cinema of color. Our goal is to create 3d product animations that look real but defy what is possible in reality. Disassemble a car and then have it rebuild itself while someone sits behind the wheel. Travel underground as a high powered water jet penetrates the earth. Box, pack and move an entire room in under 30 seconds. Let Anifex bend the line between reality and your imagination.

Stunning HD Animations

Animations created in our signature photo-real style, on time and within budget.

Experienced production team

13 years in business. The founders have a combined 44 years of animation experience.

Maximum compatibility

We can convert most CAD formats to a usable 3d model saving time and money.

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